Eco Friendly Options

Collectively, as a society, we’ve acknowledged the harmful impact we’ve had on the Earth and have been moving towards more environmentally conscious alternatives. We provide eco-friendly options to protect the Earth for future generations.

Green Funerals

As progressive funeral service professionals, we’ve made it our responsibility to listen to the needs of our community and educate them on what it means to plan an eco-friendly funeral. A natural burial is the process by which the body of the deceased is interred in the ground in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition and allows it to return back to the Earth naturally. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact associated with contemporary funeral practices; therefore, prohibiting the use of formaldehyde-based chemicals, metal caskets, harmful adhesives, and concrete burial containers. Natural funeral services use non-toxic temporary preservatives, and biodegradable caskets and urns made from sustainable materials.

Glueckert Funeral Home is able to provide natural funerals that are not limited in their options in any way. Everything from traditional funerals to simple remembrances at a natural cemetery is available.

For families interested in cremation, flameless cremation is an ecologically friendly option. Scientifically referred to as alkaline hydrolysis, the process eliminates the use of flame and the consumption of large amounts of natural gas, therefore reducing carbon emissions. Instead, the body is allowed to break down to its simplest elements, amino acids, with the use of water, pressure, and alkali bases. What remains after the process is a nutrient-rich effluent, which is devoid of all DNA and RNA, meaning no biological traces of human remains. Leaving only bone fragment, which are mechanically processed into cremated remains, similar to those of a flame cremation. This process uses 1/10th the energy. Illinois is the only state in the Midwest that offers this eco-friendly alternative form of disposition and is one of only five in the entire country. We are pleased to be able to provide it to our client families. Glueckert Funeral Home is dedicated to providing a variety of dignified funeral options that keep in mind our environmental commitment to future generations. As innovative funeral professionals, we feel it is our responsibility to make available alternative services and merchandise that are environmentally friendly.


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