Why Plan Ahead?


One of the more troubling things we see when meeting with “at-need” families are decision makers that have no idea about what type of funeral the deceased may have wanted. Not only is it a time of great emotional stress, but adding the uncertainty over whether you are making the right decision can be overwhelming. Learn how Glueckert Funeral Home can help.


Arranging Funeral Service

When planning a funeral, one of our directors will meet with the family members at a convenient time and location. Usually the arrangement conference is held at the funeral home but can be done at your home or another suitable location. The arrangements conference generally consists of two parts, the vital statistics and information-gathering portion and the funeral planning and personalization.

During the vital statistic and information gathering part of the conference we obtain information that is used to complete the death certificate and make other required notification (such as to the social security administration) as well as prepare newspaper notices. You can fill out the funeral-planning worksheet online to help organize this information. With all records kept by Glueckert Funeral Home, Ltd. are confidential except as directed by the decedent’s next of kin, as required by law or as necessary to complete the funeral planning process.

Next, we will discuss the funeral plans and service options. Be assured, we should be able to fulfill your requests, whether you are planning traditional funeral, or simpler and more modern plans. We encourage tailoring the funeral plans to commemorate the life of the deceased, making the funeral more meaningful creating positive lasting memories.

The funeral director, at your direction, will coordinate your funeral plans. Among other things, we will arrange transportation, schedule use of our facility, contact clergy, church, musicians, newspapers, cemetery or crematory and others to carry out your plans.


Preplanning Funeral Services

Prearranging for yourself, or other family members, allows you to make decisions at a convenient time without the emotional burden of a loved one’s recent death. Ideas can be clearly thought through and recorded. This guarantees that your wishes will be fulfilled and known to your family. You will relieve your loved one’s the uncertainty over whether they are “doing the right thing.” More Americans than ever are preplanning their services for these reasons.

To prearrange a funeral, simply call (847) 253-0168 to schedule an appointment. As with arranging an at-need service, we can meet at the funeral home or another location. Downloading the funeral-planning worksheet will help you organize some of the information for preplanning. We discuss your desires in funeral services and remembrances and prepare a cost quote for your selections. You will be given a copy of any and all preplanning materials and a file will be kept on hand at the funeral home. In the future, changes can be made over the telephone or by stopping by the funeral home. Best of all, there is no charge for this service.


Prepaying Funeral Services

By taking the added step of pre-paying for your funeral, you can take satisfaction in knowing you are relieving them of unnecessary financial burdens that may occur at a financially difficult time in their lives. We offer both insurance and annuity options.


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