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We focus on providing each family with choices that meet their needs and budget. We offer a number of options, tailoring each remembrance to the unique desires of the family and how they want to honor their loved one. Listed below are some general categories and the corresponding packages we offer at Glueckert Funeral Home.

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The Disposition of Remains Act also allows a person to authorize their own cremation. This involves signing an authorization form, as well as completing a statement which either prohibits anybody from selecting another form of disposition or allows you to specify certain named persons to have the option of canceling the cremation. A person always retains the right to cancel a pre-need authorization.

Those who have decided that they want cremation can relieve their survivors of great burden by authorizing cremation in advance. All documents can be completed at your convenience, kept on file at the funeral home and are readily available when the need arises. By authorizing cremation in advance you make your desires clearly known to your loved ones. This assures that your wishes are carried out and eases the authorization process for your survivors at the time of need.

Make sure you get the facts

It has always been the policy of Glueckert Funeral Home, Ltd. to be honest, fair and open with the families we serve; regardless of the type of funeral arrangements or final disposition requested. Those who select cremation, with or without services, will be given the same care and quality of service we show all of our clients. Because cremation is an irreversible and often misunderstood process, it is important you get the facts and be aware of your options so that you can make informed decisions.

We hope that this guide answers some of your questions or clears up concerns regarding cremation. If you have any questions or would like further information on cremation, or any of the other services that we offer at Glueckert Funeral Home, Ltd., please call us at (847) 253-0168.



Facts About Cremation

On January 1, 1993, the State of Illinois enacted the "Crematory Regulation Act" which was later made part of the “Disposition of Remains Act.” The Act clarified a number of previously unregulated matters about cremation, including authorization of cremation (both at­need and pre-arranged), procedures for funeral homes and crematories, the disposition of cremated remains, etc. This guide is meant to be inform those considering cremation, as well as those who may never have considered this form of disposition.

The following are some terms used by the funeral and crematory industry:

  • Alkaline Hydrolysis- a modern form of cremation using water flow and alkalinity.
  • Alterative Container- a rigid combustible receptacle, other than a casket, in which the human remains are placed for transportation to the crematory. Authorizing Agent- a person legally entitled to order the cremation and final disposition of specific human remains.
  • Cremated Remains- all human remains recovered after the completion of the cremation, which may possibly include the residue of any foreign matter that was cremated with the human remains.
  • Cremation- the technical process, using either heat or alkalinity, that reduces human remains to bone fragments. Cremation includes the processing or pulverization of the bone to fragments.
  • Cremation Interment Container/Burial Urn- a rigid outer container that meets cemetery's rules for ground burial.
  • Niche- compartment or cubicle for the memorialization and permanent placement of an um containing cremated remains.
  • Processing- is the reduction of identifiable bone fragments after the completion of the cremation to unidentifiable bone fragments by manual or mechanical means.
  • Temporary Container- a closeable container of sufficient size to hold cremated remains until an urn is acquired or the cremated remains are scattered.
  • Urn - a receptacle designed to encase the cremated remains.



The Cremation Process

Cremation is the process to reduce human remains to bones. The reduction can take place through heat (direct flame) or chemical reaction (flameless). The process also includes the pulverization of bone to fragments.



Authorizing Cremation

One of the more important aspects of the Disposition of Remains Act is clearly defining who can serve as an authorizing agent for cremation. A surviving spouse normally has the primary right to authorize cremation. The exception to this is when a person is acting on the written instructions of the decedent or a person with a valid Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Next in priority are surviving adult children, parents, and other relatives by degree of kinship.



Cremation and Funeral Services

Many people think selecting cremation as a form of disposition, precludes traditional services. They are surprised to learn that it is possible, in fact it is becoming quite common, to have a traditional funeral. Other service options are available, such as a visitation and funeral service in the same day followed by cremation. This offers the survivors the social and emotional benefits of funeral services along with the simplicity and cost savings of cremation. Direct cremation (cremation without visitation, viewing, or services) is also available. This can be followed by memorial services either at the funeral home, church or location of your choice.

At Glueckert Funeral Home, Ltd. we offer a special selection of caskets, for rental or purchase, to be used when cremation is selected with funeral services. Urns are available for permanent placement of cremated remains for in-home storage, burial or placement in niche/columbarium space. For those who decide on burial of cremated remains, we also have grave markers and monuments.




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